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VIA Group Launches Digital Magazine About Santa Catarina's Innovation Pact

Grupo VIA launches digital magazine on the Santa Catarina Innovation Pact

Based on the findings of the research group VIA Estação Conhecimento, linked to the Federal University of Santa Catarina, VIA Revista appeared, an online institutional publication that disseminates themes related to innovation habitats, innovation and entrepreneurship. The 7th edition is the first special edition about an action in which the group is part: the initiative of the Pact for Innovation of Santa Catarina.

The movement started in October 2017 by the government of Santa Catarina, together with entities that support science, technology, innovation, education and entrepreneurship, aims to join forces and direct financial and non-financial resources to develop Santa Catarina's innovation ecosystem and take a big step towards the economy of the future.

The special edition features the movement, how did it come about, the participants, the goals, as well as the challenges for innovation in the state. Through content and interviews with agreed representatives, it is presented what is being done so that Santa Catarina becomes one of the most innovative states in the world until 2030.

About VIA Magazine

Entirely produced by the research group, VIA Revista publishes research, innovation cases, interviews with professionals and other types of text, that form a hybrid between journalistic typologies and scientific publications.

With this format, the purpose of the publication is to disseminate concisely, reference and credibility to information and knowledge that can contribute to the development of the existing innovative ecosystem. Like this, the research group VIA Estação Conhecimento works in the investigation, integration and sharing of knowledge about habitats such as parks, incubators, collaboration networks and ecosystems. For interdisciplinary vocation, is interested in issues that interfere with the development of innovation habitats, starting with science policy and legislation, technology and inovation, innovative entrepreneurship, exponential organizations and intellectual property.

The special edition about the Pact for Innovation of Santa Catarina can be accessed on here.

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