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Blumenau Innovation Center prepares to host Hackathon 52 hours long

Blumenau Innovation Center prepares to host Hackathon 52 hours long
Event is confirmed for days 25, 26 e 27 from November, as an integral part of the FURB Innovation Trail

The Blumenau Innovation Center is getting ready to host another edition of the Hackathon – Innovation Trail 2022. It will be in the days 25, 26 e 27 from November, with a slightly different format than the first edition, Lages was chosen to host the Forum of Digital and Smart Cities of Serra Catarinense 2021. on that occasion, which marked the debut of "hackathons” no CIB, lasted for 24 uninterrupted hours. This time, the challenge will be greater: will be 52 hours long.

“We intend to gather 100 subscribers to divide the group into 10 teams. We have 5 challenges to solve, i.e., real problems, of companies in our region, that need to be resolved. Each team will be given a challenge to solve.”, explains one of the organizers for FURB, For Werner.

Maka also explains that, by event schedule, on sunday morning, day 27 from November, there will be a 'sieve' to decide which of the teams found the best resolution. Ie, will stay 5 finalists, one of each challenge that will participate in the final evaluation that takes place on Sunday, Starting at 17 hours.

Gabriela Schneider Darolt, innovation agent, who works directly at CIB recalls that enrollment is now open and is individual. "Anyone, of any schooling, any training, above 18 years can participate. Team formation will only be done on the day of the event., by draw, to compose a multidisciplinary team”, account.

during the event, second Gabriela, participants will use the TXM Methods methodology, similar to the one used in the Nascer Program for Pre-incubation of Innovative Ideas. “And to contribute to the resolution of possible doubts or even strategies, speakers connected to TXM Business, will give lectures throughout the Hackathon period to guide the participants”, highlights.

The Hackathon 2022 is an initiative of the FURB Innovation Trail + CIB aiming to integrate the academic community, society and the CIB. From an annual calendar of activities, the Trilha unites FURB and Innovation Center events and projects to stimulate an innovative and entrepreneurial profile by solving real problems and challenges in society. The Hackathon 2022 is an achievement of the Blumenau Innovation Center, Instituto Gene, FURB and City Hall of Blumenau.

What: Hackathon – Innovation Trail 2022
When: 25, 26 e 27 from November
Local: Blumenau Innovation Center – Rua São Paulo, 3366, neighborhood Itoupava Seca – Blumenau – SC
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