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August 3, 2022 @ 7:00 am - August 31, 2022 @ 8:30 pm


About the course

We present a method improved by 9 years by VENTIUR to be assertive in your investments. You will learn how to attract opportunities, analisar startups, negotiation with entrepreneurs, accompany and mentor the founders, manage your portfolio, and generate divestment opportunities and multiply your capital.

Differences will be detailed, e casos práticos de investimento anjo, syndicate, through a pool, equity crowdfunding and other investment formats, in addition to tools, tips and a look at the legal aspects of the entire journey.

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when will it happen?

During the whole month of august of 2022. will be 5 meetings always from 19h until 20:30 with content, guests and dynamics. And from 20:30 we will have an additional free time for discussions and more questions by the participants who want and can stay.

03/08 : 19h – Module 1: Why, when and how to invest in startups;

10/08 : 19h – Module 2: Creating your thesis and getting started;

17/08 : 19h – Module 3: From First Contact to Closing;

24/08 : 19h – Module 4: Portfolio monitoring and management;

31/08 : 19h – PITCH DAY : learning practice.

Who is the course for??

For current investors in startups who want to enhance their method of analysis and portfolio management and for those who are interested in starting to invest, there will be lots of extra content so you don't miss a thing.!


Synchronous Encounters in a Zoom Room; Interactive with all participants and speakers;

Networking rounds for you to meet, connect and relate to other investors;

Practical activities for collaborative learning between investors and identification of patterns and particularities;

Platform with extra videos to maximize learning and for newbies to have a complete experience;

All sessions have guests with an investment background and for learning through practical cases;

Venting Tips, with tips and insights recorded and written by our team for you to “Hack” investment in startups;


Each module has synchronous contents, one or more guest(s) bringing one of the themes, activities, interaction between participants and recorded auxiliary content.

Module 1: Why, when and how to invest in startups

– contextualization;

– Investment market scenario;

– benefits, motivators and cases;

– Angel, syndicate, pool e equity crowdfunding;

– Startup investor profile.

Module 2: Creating your thesis and getting started

– How much to get involved and what to invest in;

– Startup analysis and validation;

– Dealflow: attraction of the best deals;

– Forming your networks.

Module 3: From First Contact to Closing

– Investor's routine;

– Timing and trading techniques;

– Captable, equity e valuation;

– Planning resource allocation;

– Most common mistakes made by investors;

– Legal care and due diligence;

Module 4: Portfolio monitoring and management

– hihg-touch investor;

– Aggregating smartmoney in practice;

– Portfolio diversification and synergy;

– new rounds, follow-on e exit.


Will be realized, at the end of the course, a pitch day, test for evaluation of 3 startups, where the investor can question and interact with startups and other investors, botando em prática alguns dos aprendizados e temas abordados no curso.


August 3, 2022 @ 7:00 am
August 31, 2022 @ 8:30 pm
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