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center of
Brusque Innovation

Operation status *

",At work – 90% completed

center of
Brusque Innovation

Operation status *

",At work – 90% completed


Center Specialization

", Fashion industry;
", Retail and consumer experience;
", Manufacturing and Industrial Automation;
", Health and quality of life;
", Education and Schooling;
",Mobility, Transport and Climate.

Management model*

Social Organization (THE).

Planning Activities and Services

Coordination and Articulation


Compart. services

Compart. Infrastructure


Investor Access

Maker Space

Open Innovation

Socialization of Ideas

Investment Attraction Planning

National and International Missions

Smart Specialization Plan

Internationalization of Companies

Institutional Cooperation

Cooperation between Innovation Habitats

Cooperation for Trade

Infrastructure Map

Smart Cities

Social Innovation

Maturity Monitoring

One Stop Shop



Physical and Virtual Incubator



Attraction and Return

Observatories of Strategic Sectors

Sectorial Driving Projects

Technology Agenda

City Lab

Urban Map

Partner institutions

Contact information

Address: Street: Itajai, 1122, Brusque – SC.
telephone: (47) 9998-90217


Deployment Committee

Name Entity Occupation
Gunther Lother Pertschy UNIFEBE President
Leonardo F. by Avila Calbusch IFC Secretary
Anselmo Scarduelli Government Member
José Daniel dos Santos Pirola Government Member
Ewaldo Ristow Filho ADR – Brusque Member
Jonas Oscar Paegle Government Member
Claudio Marcio Plontkewicz College of São Luiz Member
Edemar Fischer ACIBr Member
Placido Vargas Government Member
Michel Belli CDL Member
Ademir Jose Jorge AMPE Member
Otto Hermann Grimm Consul College Member
João Roberto Beutting Government Member
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