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Novale Hub Innovation – South jaragua

operating status

",In operation since 15 of June 2018

Novale Hub Innovation – South jaragua

operating status

",In operation since 15 of June 2018


Contact information

Address: Rua Cesare Valentini, 200, Southern Rivers, Jaraguá do Sul / SC.

Site | Facebook | Instagram | WhatsApp

Nelson Martins de Almeida Netto – CEO

telephone: (47) 99614-9678

Marco Murara – Development Manager, Pre-Incubation and Incubation
telephone: (47) 99125-9297

Center Specialization

",Information Technology;
",Electro-Mechanical Metal;
",Chemical and New Materials;
",Energy Solutions.

Management model

Social Organization (THE).

Management Unit Certification

Performed through the contract 001/2018 of 28 November 2018, between the municipality of Jaraguá do Sul and the Jaraguá do Sul Association, dispensing bidding, in the form of the article 24 inciso XXIV, of Federal Law No. 8,666 / 93, combined with the article 12 item 3 of Federal Law nº 9.637/98.

Operating Activities and Services


Physical and Virtual Incubator


Single Agenda

Investor Access


Coordination and Articulation



Planning Activities and Services

Standardization of Services

Maturity Monitoring

One Stop Shop


Compart. services

Compart. Infrastructure

Infrastructure Map

Smart Cities

Maker Space

Open Innovation

P Projects&D

Socialization of Ideas

Maketplace Talentos

Foreign languages

Internal and External Communication

Access to Credit

Investment Attraction Planning

National and International Missions

Landing Empresarial

Smart Specialization Plan

Internationalization of Companies

Institutional Cooperation

Cooperation between Innovation Habitats

Cooperation for Trade




Attraction and Return

Guarantee and Guarantees

Negotiation Intermediation

Makertplace Investimentos

Observatories of Strategic Sectors

Cluster Governance

Crossector Dating

Sectorial Driving Projects

Technology Agenda

Cooperation with Organ. International

Marketplace Spaces

City Lab

Urban Map

Formation of Fathers and Mothers

Digital Inclusion of Grandmas and Grandpa

Social Challenges

Social Innovation

Preparation of Innovative New Generations

Project Programs

Education Project to train teachers and children for innovation.

Anchor Companies

New Time HR, PPI-Miltitask e AWAY.

Resident Companies


Block C;



Dumeio Sustainable Innovations;


Optimize and;


Rato Special Drinks Coffee;

Smart Process;

Urban Seed;

Tourist RV;

You ask;

Wise Engineering.


Partner institutions

Administrative Council

Name Entity Occupation
Daniel Peach
Robson Guilherme
by Andrade Minai
anna clara
Franzner Chiodini
Talita Beber
Tulio Duarte ACATE
Steven Rumsey
Cleiton Vaz
Devanir Dana
Gil Magno Portal Chagas IFSC
Ilário Bruch Moacir Fuck

Municipal Innovation Laws

A LEI NO 8.001/2019, of 18 july 2019, institutes the JARAGUÁ DO SUL Innovation Center “NOVALE HUB”, within the Municipality of Jaraguá do Sul, is based on State Law No. 14.328 / 2008, of 15/01/2008, of the State of Santa Catarina, and complies with Agreement No.2014TR000743, Ninth Clause, subsection XVIII, guided by the guidelines of the Catarinense Innovation Program, of the Santa Catarina Science Policy, Technology and inovation.

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