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Innovation Luiz Henrique da Silveira – Lages

operating status

",In operation since 24 of June 2016

Innovation Luiz Henrique da Silveira – Lages

operating status

",In operation since 24 of June 2016


Contact information

Address: Heitor Villa Lobos Street, 525, San Francisco, Lages – SC
telephone: (49) 3091-0762
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Management model

Private Foundation.

Management Unit Certification – Orion Institute

Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP).

The Orion Technology Park

Orion is the first Technological Park in Serra Santa Catarina, located in Lages, and has the first Innovation Center in the Santa Catarina network. This important ACATE hub is the main vector for creative and technological transformation in the mountain region.

In 5 years, are more than 50 companies and startups from different segments, which together have billed more than 200 millions of reais.

Come and discover Orion Parque, take the opportunity to develop your business and be part of the Serra Catarinense Innovation Ecosystem!


Create an innovative and entrepreneurial culture, articulating actions to activate the innovation ecosystem and enable innovative businesses with high growth potential for transform the region's economy.


Be a reference point in innovation and connection to the innovation ecosystem of the mountain region, recognized and integrated with the community.

Orion Institute

Operation manager of Orion Parque Tecnológico and Luiz Henrique da Silveira Innovation Center, the Orion Institute is a legal entity governed by private law, no economic ends, which aims at regional strategic planning, the interaction, cooperation and synergy between universities, Business, governmental and non-governmental organizations, national and international development agencies, in order to stimulate innovation, technological development, economic, sustainable and the best quality of life for society in general.

The Institute also organizes demands, agendas and the entire functioning of the structure that supports companies, entities and services provided by Orion Parque Tecnológico.

Operating Activities and Services




Socialization of Ideas

Investor Access

Cooperation for Trade

Cooperation between Innovation Habitats

Marketplace Spaces

Innovative Projects

P Projects&D

Socialization of Ideas

Institutional Cooperation



Physical and Virtual Incubator


Internal and External Communication

Social Innovation

Preparation of new generations of innovators

Digital Inclusion of Grandmas and Grandpa




One Stop Shop

Planning Activities and Services

Coordination and Articulation

Compart. Infrastructure

Standardization of Services

Observatory of Strategic Sectors

Smart Specialization Plan

Internationalization of Companies

Social Challenges

Cooperation with Organ. International

Show Room

Investment Attraction Planning

National and International Missions

Projects developed

Support program and restructuring of small local businesses for economic recovery and mitigation of the effects of the crisis caused by COVID-19, held in the year of 2020, sought to help Lages and the Lageanos in this time of affliction because of the problems that local businesses can face. The idea was to help the city and support small businesses and individual micro-entrepreneurs (my), that unfortunately suffered a lot with the stoppage due to COVID-19. Orion decided to develop this program, in partnership with the city hall, to be able to support this audience, support management support, of need to use technology, to be able to train. This also involves the city's social projects, that already exist, and can be better structured, with management strategies, so that they remain and are not specific actions and initiatives, that afterwards they cannot support themselves.

There were seven measurements performed, not total:

1. Facilitated use of the Innovation Center spaces:

1.1. Opening of a Public Coworking, with access to services offered to Orion companies;
1.2. Provision of spaces for local businesses with difficulties in maintaining their current spaces;

2. Implementation of the Local Small Business Acceleration Program;

3. Implementation of the MEI Accelerator;

4. Implementation of the Social Projects Accelerator;

5. Adapting an online platform to promote university entrepreneurship (Reunion) for remote support of all types of local businesses:

5.1. Gathered for all;
5.2. Together we are stronger;
5.3. Reuni Challenge COVID-19;

6. Recovery program, incentive and promotion of local businesses;

7. Ease of hiring employees.

Learn more about the results of the Support and Restructuring Program for small local businesses for economic recovery and mitigation of the effects of the crisis caused by COVID-19 neste link.

Companies planned to install no Park

Resident Companies

OrionLab Notice. O Delivery is a delivery app from Lages, because we love what is here! 💛🖤

Public Call 01/2018. A Lis Consulting offers training in professional and managerial development.

NOTICE 02.2020 – Incubation. A Quiron performs remote monitoring of forest threats via satellite.

NOTICE 02.2020 – Incubation. A ilergic helps the public with food allergies and intolerances in decision making, providing information and consumption guidance through a mobile application.

NOTICE 01/2016 – Incubation. A Cowtrol is a system for control and traceability of herds.

NOTICE 01/2016 – Incubation. A Biotech Science is a biotechnology company, focused on the production of inputs for in vitro diagnostic industries, as well as universities and research institutes

NOTICE 03.2017 – Innovative Projects. A South Forests Geo Engineering acts in the creation and structuring of Geographic Information Systems (SIG); preparation of Studies and Technical Reports for Environmental Licensing; Rural Environmental Registry (CAR); Application of Geoprocessing tools to aid decision making in the forest sector and urban areas.

NOTICE 03/2019. PD&I – A Innovative Management Systems works in the development and licensing of customizable computer programs

Notice 01/2020 – OrionLab. A ALM Technology and Innovation had its origin within Sul Florestas Geo Engenharia and aims to create technology-based solutions to serve the planted forest market. The company's main project is the Forest Inventory 4.0 using remote sensing data, computer vision, big data and artificial intelligence to deliver highly relevant results for forest planning.

NOTICE 01/2020 – OrionLab. A BEER HUB is a craft beer subscription club that aims to connect craft beer lovers with the best labels on the beer route.

NOTICE 01/2020 – OrionLab. A Grain Solution Engineering creates flow centralizing equipment that are applied in bulk grain loading and its movement on conveyor belts, avoiding the generation of dust and waste of materials. They also provide well exhausts and loading lights.

ORION CAFÉ – PROPERTY USE AGREEMENT – Cafeteria located in the Innovation Center building at Orion Technological Park

NOTICE NO.. 01/2020 – OrionLab. Simone Copetti – interior design studio

Partner institutions


Administrative Council

Name Entity statute
Kaio Henrique Coelho do Amarante UNIPLAC 1 UNIPLAC representative
Israel José Marcon FIESC 1 FIESC representative
Vitor Kuster Bona Chamber of Companies 1 representative Chamber of Companies
Valmir Marcos Tortelli URGENT 2 ACIL representatives
Thiago Mazuhy Andrade URGENT 2 ACIL representatives
Zulmiro Klann CDL 1 representante CDL
Roberto Rogério do Amaral FCJA 1 FCJA representative
Raquel Valério de Sousa UDESC 1 UDESC representative
Thiago Meneguel Rodrigues IFSC Lages 1 IFSC representative
César Augusto Vargas Lavoura Strategic Council 1 representative Strategic Council
Juliano Polese Lages City Hall 2 PML representatives
Álvaro João Mondadori Junior Lages City Hall 2 PML representatives
Iuana Réus State Government - SDE 2 SDE representatives
to define State Government - SDE 2 SDE representatives

Strategic Council

Name Entity statute
César Augusto Vargas Lavoura ADREL 1 ADREL representative
Afonso Campos Goulart Rotary 1 representante Rotary
Royquener Reuter Flex Contact 1 Flex representative
Marcos Lichtblau ACATE 1 ACATE representative
Rogério de Oliveira Anese IFSC Urupema 1 IFSC Urupema representative
Sérgio João Dalagnol Social Observatory 1 Social Observatory representative
Elisandro Vieira de Souza ACIL Young 1 ACIL Youth representative
Adriano Alves de Almeida Young CDL 1 CDL Youth representative
Eliane Sant Ana de Liz Souza SENAC 1 SENAC representative
Jose Marcio Lehmann EPAGRI 1 EPAGRI representative
Selenium Sartori CISAMA 1 CISAMA representative
Walter Manfroi AMURES 1 representante AMURES
Paulo Cesar da Costa Physical person Physical person
Diogo Ribeiro Machado Physical person Physical person
Eduardo de Souza Broering NTI 1 NTI representative
Alan Bronaut ENGIE 1 ENGIE representative
Hold Agostini SEBRAE 1 SEBRAE representative
Renato Rodrigues Unifacvest 1 representante Unifacvest
Janelise Royer dos Santos Women's Core 1 Women's Nucleus representative
Young Beds MidiLages 1 MidiLages representative
Paulo Priante CONSERRA / AMURES 1 CONSERRA / AMURES representative

Fiscal Council

Name Entity statute
Aldo Esmério Junior NUCONT- URGENT 1 NUCONT representative
Célio Spagnoli CDL 1 representante CDL
Décio Luiz Poli UDESC 1 UDESC representative
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