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Innovation from São Bento do Sul

operating status

",Implementation Phase.

Innovation from São Bento do Sul

operating status

",At work – 60% completed

Contact information

Temporarily attached to Casa do Empreendedor.

Address: Rua Marechal Floriano, 196 – Center, Sao Bento do Sul – SC, 89280-342.



Management model

Public Foundation.

Operating Activities and Services

Coordination and Articulation





Internal and External Communication

Operated by partners:




Attraction and Return

Planning Activities and Services

Technology Agenda


Investment Attraction Planning

Compart. Infrastructure

Single Agenda

Technology Transfer

Investor Access

P Projects&D

Proj. Innovators of Established Companies

Maturity Monitoring

One Stop Shop

Socialization of Ideas

Intellectual property

Open Innovation

Project Programs

Planning actions, foreseen in the execution of the projects approved in the so-called FAPESC public notices 15/2019 e 18/2019.

Incubator Companies

Coden3 Tecnologia Ltda- provides systems and application development services according to the needs of your business.

DPessoal Business Services – provides services in Personnel Department Management and Human Capital Management generating savings for companies.

DW Cloud Solutions – Information Security and Management. Based on these premises, DW has its own cloud server solution, to save, manage and deliver a company's greatest asset: the information.

Erah Digital – Sales technology company specializing in market opening using digital tools.

InovaGT – We are a company focused on technology and high performance. We work with digital transformation, innovation management and technological planning.

Onedoor Sistemas Ltda – offers solutions in the application delivery industry, seeking to offer its employees who deliver, an income opportunity, and its users and partners, a decent delivery system that we believe they deserve.

Pickup Explorer – is a national company, which designs and markets innovative products in the pickup accessories segment.

Partner institutions

Deployment Committee

Name Entity Occupation
Andrea M. B. Tamanini UNIVILLE SBS Member
Délcio Pereira UDESC Member
Robert Belt São Bento do Sul City Hall Member
Robert Belt Rio Negrinho City Hall Member
Robert Belt Campo Alegre City Hall Member
Ana Cláudia Rimizowski Hirt FETEP Member
Julio César Teixeira ACISBS Member
Benedito Santana Torquato ACISBS Member
Jose Cristofolini ACIACA Member
Robert Belt SENAI SBS Member
Alex Luiz Mariano SENAC SBS Member
Claudinei José Cristofolini UNISOCIESC SBS Member
Robert Belt Campo Alegre City Hall Alternate
Robert Belt FETEP Alternate
Evandro M. by Castro ACISBS Alternate
Alexander Borges UDESC Alternate
Robert Belt IFC – SBS Alternate
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