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Shark Innovation

operating status

",implementation phase.

Shark Innovation

operating status

",At work – 90% completed


Contact information

Address: Spain street, 326, Revoredo, Shark – SC.
Luiz Antonio Duarte – President

Center Specialization

",Renewable energy;
",Smart cities.

Operating Activities and Services

Coordination and Articulation


Compart. services

Compart. Infrastructure

Standardization of Services

Maturity Monitoring

Operated by partners:


Planning Activities and Services


Technology transfer

Proj. Innovators of Established Companies

Intellectual property

Single Agenda


Investor Access

Show Room

Maker Space

Open Innovation

P Projects&D

Socialization of Ideas

Maketplace Talentos

Foreign languages

Internal and External Communication

Access to Credit

Investment Attraction Planning

National and International Missions

Landing Empresarial

Smart Specialization Plan

Internationalization of Companies

Institutional Cooperation

Cooperation between Innovation Habitats

Cooperation for Trade

Infrastructure Map

Smart Cities

Social Innovation

Preparation of Innovative New Generations

Cluster Governance

Crossector Dating

Sectorial Driving Projects

Technology Agenda


Physical and Virtual Incubator






Attraction and Return

Guarantee and Guarantees

Negotiation Intermediation

Observatories of Strategic Sectors

Makertplace Investimentos

Cooperation with Organ. International

Marketplace Spaces

City Lab

Urban Map

Formation of Fathers and Mothers

Digital Inclusion of Grandmas and Grandpa

Social Challenges

One Stop Shop

Deployment Committee

Name Entity Occupation
Young Bernardo City Hall President
Cassio Brodbeck Caporal acitas Vice- President
Romilton Nunes City Hall Treasurer
Felipe Nascimento CDL Member
Guilherme da Silva Nunes verse Member
Juliana Baldessar Ghizzo SEBRAE Member
Patrick Fontana Nandi SINDICONT Member
Sonio by Rosa Scheper ATEC Member
Valdecir Goncalves AMPE Member
Fabiana Maiato LIGHT Member
Fernando Pitt SENAI Member
Fabricio da Silva Attanásio UNISUL Member
Marisa Martini SENAC Member
Pierry Teza IFSC Member
Alexandre Moraes City Council Member
Allan Miranda City Hall Member

Municipal Innovation Laws

Complementary law nº 154, of 26 the glasses the 2017. Creates the Municipal Science Policy, Technology and Innovation and establishes incentive and support measures for its actions and strategies in the business ecosystem, entrepreneur, academic and social development in the municipality of Tubarão and takes other measures.

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