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Innovation Dante Martorano – Vine

operating status

",In operation since 05 March 2020.

Innovation Dante Martorano – Vine

operating status

",In operation since 05 March 2020.


Contact information

Address: Rod. Eng. Lineu Bonato, S/N – Experimental Field, Vine – SC.

Instagram | YouTube

Center Specialization

",Plastics industry;
",Freight transportation.

Management model

Managed by City Hall – Direct Management.

Management Unit Certification

Municipal Public Utility.

Operating Activities and Services

Coordination and Articulation


Compart. services


Open Innovation

Internal and External Communication

Social Challenges

Show Room


Physical and Virtual Incubator

Operated by partners:

One Stop Shop


Maker Space

P Projects&D

Landing Empresarial

Urban Map

Sectorial Driving Projects

Marketplace Spaces



Attraction and Return

Social Innovation

Smart Specialization Plan

Infrastructure Map

Observatories of Strategic Sectors

Planning Activities and Services

Single Agenda


Investor Access

Compart. Infrastructure

Maketplace Talentos

Foreign languages

Socialization of Ideas

Access to Credit

National and International Missions

Institutional Cooperation

Preparation of Innovative New Generations

Cluster Governance

Standardization of Services

Maturity Monitoring



Guarantee and Guarantees

Negotiation Intermediation

Makertplace Investimentos


Formation of Fathers and Mothers

Crossector Dating

Digital Inclusion of Grandmas and Grandpa

Project Programs

  • Coordination and Articulation: Board of Directors of the Innovation Center, ASK (Entrepreneurial City Program – SEBRAE).
  • Mapping: carried out by WeGov, through ASK.
  • Service Sharing: Cooperation Agreement with UNOESC for the use of laboratories.
  • Infrastructure Sharing: Laboratory Maker (SEBRAE) in planning phase, with the execution of the activities planned for the 2nd semester of 2020 with the Youth Maker and Geração Z Mão na Massa programs.
  • One Stop Shop: Entrepreneur Room, operation by Videira City Hall.
  • Coworking and Physical and Virtual Incubator: notice in the final stage of preparation, needing only the approval of the Board of Directors of the Videira Innovation Center.
  • Pre-incubator: Sunrise Program (SEBRAE, FAPESC, SDE e Cocreation Lab).
  • Training and Guidance: Professional Initiation Program developed by FIESC in partnership with the Municipality of Videira.
  • Observatory of Strategic Sectors: creation of the CODEVI Sectorial Technical Chamber (Vine Development Council).
  • Intelligent Specialization Plan and Sector Booster Projects: developed by Videira City Hall in partnership with SEBRAE through PEDEM.
  • Institutional Cooperation: partnership still in the planning phase of the actions to be carried out from the international mission Connection Sweden.
  • Marketplace Spaces, Urban Map and Infrastructure Map: developed by Videira City Hall in partnership with SEBRAE through PEDEM.
  • Social Innovation: Vine Help Platform (digital platform to help people in social vulnerability in Videira carried out by local companies and startups), manufacture of face shields by the Videira Innovation Center and partners (424 masks produced and donated to hospitals, firefighters and health departments of Videira and region).

Partner institutions

Administrative Council

Name Entity Occupation
Dorival Carlos Borga Videira City Hall President
Leandro Hupalo Videira City Hall Secretary
Jeferson Rodrigo Gatti AITEC Member
Ricardo Olivo CDL Member
Vilson Giazzoni ACIAV Member
Nice Gaedke Videira City Hall Member
Lucas de Souza Esmeraldino SDE/SC Member
Vitor Beal Partika Videira City Hall Member
André Luiz Kulkamp de Souza EPAGRI Vine Member
Geovana Beatriz Brancher Gaio FIESC North Center Member
Giani Cendron UNOESC Vine Member
Manassés Ribeiro IFC Videira Member
Maristela Cheron SENAC Vine Member
Cristiane Bonatto de Morais UNOESC Vine Member
Daiane Cristina de Borba SENAC Vine Member
Kennedy Ferreira de Araújo IFC Videira Member
Silvia Lazzarini FIESC North Center Member
Vinicius Caliari EPAGRI Vine Member
Max Wolff ACIAV Alternate
Thiarles de Souza CDL Alternate
Vitor Paulo Rigo AITEC Alternate
Luiz Carlos Bondicz Videira City Hall Alternate
Luiz Felipe Torcatto Zanella Videira City Hall Alternate

Municipal Innovation Laws

The Municipal Innovation Law is being discussed internally. After WeGov's study of the local and regional innovation ecosystem mapping, through the Entrepreneurial City Program (SEBRAE), we defined a starting model for the drafting of the law, However, a period of maturation of the law is necessary.

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