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Santa Catarina Program
of Social Innovation

Stimulating innovation has been disseminated around the world as a strategy for solving social problems., environmental and collective challenges. In Santa Catarina, Innovation is not just about software, robots or large research labs – with a Network of Innovation Centers and various environments promoting CTI throughout the territory, we are moving towards smarter economic development, e, from now on, more inclusive.

Innovation and Social Innovation

THE Santa Catarina Social Innovation Program – Inspire is the result of a partnership between State Secretariat for Sustainable Economic Development – SDE, a Foundation for Support to Research and Innovation of the State of Santa Catarina – Fapesc it's at Santa Catarina State University – Udesc through the Center for Social Innovations in the Public Sphere – NISP and has projects that include formation, research and promotion for social innovation.

since the beginning of 2022, training is being carried out for the development of projects of social innovation and mapping of your ecosystem. The meetings are conducted by the UDESC team and have guests and cases from here and from other regions..

From the Florianópolis Social Innovation Observatory, developed by researchers at UDESC, and training with teams from the Innovation Centers, will be prepared the Santa Catarina Observatory for Social Innovation. A live mapping of all institutions and innovative projects in solving socio-environmental challenges and problems. It will be a place to get to know and promote the connection of these enterprises with other actors.

are already planned edicts e public calls for the promotion of innovative projects with the theme of the program. It will be a time of great incentive for social innovation in Santa Catarina, being once again a pioneer in policies to stimulate and encourage innovation. Check the first call on here.


From the Inspire Program, public calls will be launched for the presentation of projects that respond to socio-environmental challenges in an innovative way and that are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda 2030 da him.

beyond the calls, the scope of training with the teams of the Innovation Centers and the constitution of the Santa Catarina Observatory for Social Innovation, a live mapping of institutions and projects that will be available to everyone on the Network's portal, unprecedented initiative no country!

The impetus for sustainable development!

Developing an ecosystem is connecting people. E, for that connection to happen we need to reduce all kinds of barriers that exist between people, including opportunities.

Social Innovation is a process of social transformation that requires the engagement of different actors around the consequences produced by public problems, with the aim of co-create solutions to promote desirable social situations or combat undesirable effects.

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