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Criciúma Innovation

Criciúma Innovation

operating status

",In project


Contact information

Ernesto Bianchini Góes Street, 91 – Prosperous, Cricklewood – SC

Center Specialization

The Criciúma Innovation Center, through the CI Implementation Committee, promoted planning stages, with the involvement of the triple helix. In this step, many actions have emerged, between them, the need to “map the potential of the region and define verticals of action”.

Management model

Not yet defined.

Operating Activities and Services

Coordination and Articulation



Socialization of Ideas

Operated by partners:




National and International Missions

Social Challenges

Social Innovation

Preparation of Innovative New Generations

Formation of Fathers and Mothers

Digital Inclusion of Grandmas and Grandpa

Planning Activities and Services

Maker Space


Compart. services

Compart. Infrastructure

Single Agenda

Technology Transfer

Investor Access


Smart Specialization Plan

Investment Attraction Planning

Internal and External Communication

Standardization of Services

Maturity Monitoring

One Stop Shop

City Lab


Physical and Virtual Incubator

Marketplace Spaces

Smart Cities

Project Programs

Working Groups were created, with distinct functions, as Financial GT, Legal WG, Commercial WG and Communication WG. These GTs have their leadership defined by members of the Committee, and in its constitution, representatives of ecosystem companies. In the planning stage, 2019/2010, actions have been initiated and are being managed by a project manager. Some actions, due to pandemic, will have their deadlines revised.

We have in the ecosystem, and in institutions that make up the Committee, innovation environments, like coworking, at Plural, Satc and Unesc and Open Laboratory at SENAI. They are not CI actions, but that support and promote the development of the innovation ecosystem. Most of these subfunctions, with various products and services, are already offered in isolated ways in the regional ecosystem.
We have the Nascer Program, pre-incubator that will start at ACIC.

It will be up to the CI to articulate all these sub-functions to gain traction, strength and vigor. The institutions that comprise it are represented in the CI Implementation Committee to take actions in a decentralized way.

Partner institutions

Deployment Committee

Name Entity Occupation
Valmir Cabral da Silva Neto SESSION / SENAI President
Graziela da Silva Branco SESSION / SENAI Member
Roseli Jenoveva Neto Senac Member
Oscar Rubem Klegues Montedo UNITE Member
Alexandre Bevilacqua Meneguetti Senac College Member
Maria Julita Volpato Gomes Assoc Empres de Criciúma Member
Aldinei João Potelecki Criciúma City Council Member
Rafael Rosso Fernandes Acate Member
Evânio Ramos Nicoleit UNITE Member
Luís Felipe Cardoso Fabris CDL Member
Murilo Gelosa SEBRAE Member
Franciele da Silva Fernandes Fashion Member
Lucas Dominguini IFSC Member
Gustavo Deluca SATC Member
Claiton Pacheco Galdino Criciúma City Hall Member
Jonathan Manique Barreto SDI Member
Andressa Fabris Alpha Communication Member
Andréia Bernadini HUNGRY Member
Shirlei Maria Helena Guimaraes Monteiro CISA ABADEUS Member

Municipal Innovation Laws

Lei nº 7375, of 13 December 2018. Provides for norms to encourage technological and innovation activities carried out by organizations and citizens established or domiciled in the municipality of Criciúma / SC.

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